We’ve got 5 ideas on how to wear pearls casually in 2022. Pearls are a huge trend right now and make the perfect summer accessory but moving away from the traditional strand of perfectly round string of pearls worn for fancy events, they’re making their way into daytime wear.  First, there are so many pearl choices out there!  To learn about pearls, how they’re cultivated, and what that means you should look for when buying pearls, check out our types of pearls article.  If you’re ready to get to styling those pearls casually – let’s dive right in.

1. Focus on One Pearl on a Unique Chain

To transform from formal to casual, forget that long strand of perfect pearls, and focus on the single bead and wear it on a unique chain. Like this oval freshwater pearl on a lariat style chain.  The oval style pearl drop gets all of the attention in this necklace.  And we love the raw brass paperclip chain which is minimal but not too dainty, which is a nice contrast to the elegant pearl.

This lariat style is perfect for wearing pearls everyday — pair it with a button down shirt so it hits just right in the neckline, and balancing the casualness of the shirt with the elegance of the pearl. Or, for a night out this lariat style would look fantastic paired with a black dress. Take it up a notch by turning it around to a back necklace and pairing it with a dress with a low cut or open back.

Baroque pearl necklace

2. Go For Baroque for a Casual Look

If it isn’t baroque, don’t fix it. We’re loving the oddball shapes and colors these wonderful little sea creatures can make! Ditch the perfectly round pearls and go for a beautiful, unique weird baroque pearl. They ooze with character, and we love highlighting their beauty by putting them front and center. The star of the show in these baroque pearl earrings is the keshi baroque pearl drop, complemented by the irregular oval gold hoops. A match made in heaven. With evening looks being normalized for daytime wear, these earrings can be as casual or formal as you want them to be. Wear them to the office or that wedding this weekend.

3. Wear It Short: Pearl Choker

I am in love with a single floating pearl, on a dainty chain, worn as a short choker. It’s elegant and modern and sexy. I love how all of the attention is brought to the next, on this single perfect pearl. Again, the pearl is irregular, imperfect and completely unique. A bit more round than your typical baroque, but still with character. This is the perfect necklace for day to night, because it’s so versatile. I love it all alone, but It also plays well with others, which brings me to my next pearl wearing style tip.

Single freshwater pearl necklace

4. Get to Layering Those Pearl Necklaces

More is more. Put on what you love and put on some more. We love the floating pearl choker mixed with other necklaces. Pick your favorites! Animal charm necklaces, big bold hearts, simple chains, mismatched gemstones. Change up the rotation and you’ve got a unique look each day.

This layered look is the perfect way to pair an everyday outfit with a pearl necklace. The balance of the other necklaces, including the paperclip chain, gives it a casual look. Wear these pearls with jeans for a modern take on 90s aesthetic.

Layered necklace set

5. Mix and Match Your Pearls

Similar to layering, we love mixing our pearls in with other gemstones. We love the fun, hodge-podge look, mixing with our keshi pearls. Keeping colors to a specific palette, we’re able to tie it all together without overdoing it. For a more subtle approach, we love this pastel palette necklace, centered around this beautiful sea glass green, the other gray, white and muted stones just weave in harmoniously.

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