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Modern Chain Jewelry for Fall 2021 Fashion


Modern Chain Jewelry

One of the 2021 jewelry trends we’ve always loved (and are excited to see is sticking around for Fall 2021) is modern chain link.  More traditionally subtle, small chains have been the focus of chain jewelry, like these long gold chain earrings.  The standout feature on these is their long length and the style of the chain — a box chain, or Venetian chain. This chain has interlocking links that are incredibly tightly joined, creating a very strong and very fluid-like structure.  It will slink and slide luxuriously. Box chain is also perfect for supporting heavy pendants due to it’s strength from the tight box structure of its links.

Bold Flat Curb Chain Jewelry

Moving past the fundamental delicate gold chains, big bold chains like this flat curb chain are big this Fall 2021. We love this chain because of the optical effect of the flattened chain links, but also the rich warm golden glow of the vintage raw brass.  With links so chunky and bold, a little goes a long way in these bold chain link earrings.

Vintage Japanese Brass Chain Necklace & Bracelet

We love finding obscure vintage chains because they’re typically way more interesting and have such rich vibrant colors. This matching necklace and bracelet is a simple design, letting the Japanese vintage brass chain be the star of the show.  The double curb chain is dense but lightweight, and has grooves along the ripples giving it a unique look.  The color is the warmest golden yellow, but with that vintage patina.

Layered Chain Necklaces

Taking bold chains to the next level, we start weaving them into layers and sculpting designs, like the multi chain layered necklace.  An entangled jungle of a necklace, only super lightweight chains are used so the overall effect is lightweight and easy to wear.

Chains can also be woven and layered in a way to create unique designs like the peter pan collar necklace.  The brass chains, also a double linked chain, have a fluid-like drape to them, and when strategically layered across the collarbone they form the outline of peter pan collar.

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