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Jewelry For Moms, by A Mom

Hi, Mama.  We know you’ve got a to-do list a mile long.

So, how can our jewelry help you make it out of the door faster, looking radiant?

We know your time is precious. And we also know that investing in your own self-care is critical so you can feel your best and be there for your family. Here’s how our jewelry can help.

A Little Note From Me

Hi, I’m Stefanie and I run all things related to A Common Thread. As a new mom, I feel like my whole world was turned upside down with the arrival of this amazing little creature. Suddenly, 100% of my time was devoted to care-taking, feeding, and obsessing over sleep.

As a person who has always invested in my personal style, it felt so strange to lose all “me time.” So I started to look for fashion short-cuts to slowly start to reinvest in my personal style. The most impactful way for me, was to focus on statement jewelry that I love. Jewelry that is interesting, eye-catching and unique. And it makes me feel great to be able to do this little thing for myself each day.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and our adorable 2 year old, Henry. I started A Common Thread 15 years ago, and absolutely love making jewelry, and adding new techniques and styles over time. Hope you find something you love too!

– Stefanie

Fun Facts
I work full-time as a conversational
designer on speech recognition software.
Fun Facts
I make my clothes (some of them!). And A Common Thread originally started as my shop for handsewn accessories.
Fun Facts
I'm obsessed with cocktail making.
Fun Facts
I find fashion trends intimidating. And I can be a style chameleon. I fluctuate between minimal and bold. Colorful and muted.
Fun Facts
I have a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. I studied psycholinguistics (applied linguistics).
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Things That Matter The Most To Us

These are the things we are at our core, what drives decisions, and what we stand for.


Focus on the everyday and making it special

At A Common Thread, we think there’s no time like the present and want to savor the everyday moments in life. There’s nothing like looking at the world through the eyes of your baby to soak in experiences in the moment. That’s why we focus on unique everyday wear jewelry that you feel excited to put on. Our handmade jewelry is unique and you won’t be able to get it anywhere else. It’s meant to be worn, loved and memories built in. We create pieces you’ll want to reach for again and again.

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Make Things That Are Meant To Last

We value sustainability, slow fashion, and creating things that are going to last. That’s why we focus on using quality materials, like 14k gold fill and sterling silver, that can last a lifetime with proper care. To make sure our techniques are top-notch we invest time in jewelry making and metalsmithing courses and workshops. We want you to build memories in our jewelry, and treasure them for years to come.


Create relationships and connection

Everything we do is centered around our customers. We actively ask and listen to what our customers want. We engage authentically as human beings, no matter what. And we make sure we laugh along the way. From hearing the meaningful ways you’ve used our jewelry in your lives, to resolving any hiccups in the ordering process, we really care about your experience.


Everyone deserves to look great and feel confident

We believe that adorning yourself in something that makes you feel special shouldn’t be reserved for a select few. That’s why we aim to provide exceptional value for the jewelry we offer. We keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality, so that everyone can indulge in something that delights them and makes them feel great wearing.


Never stop learning, growing and evolving

We embrace change and challenge ourselves to know more and never stop progressing. We do this by immersing ourselves in knowledge about our materials, perfecting our techniques and experimenting with new ones, and always gathering user feedback to improve our designs. As seasons change, styles change, and life changes, so do we.

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