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Red Mushroom Lariat Necklace


Embrace your cottagecore aesthetic with our red mushroom lariat necklace. Combining equal parts cute and stylish, this toadstool necklace does it all. A fun way to brighten up your outfit.

◈ Necklace measures 22.5in (57.15cm) with a 5in (12.7cm) drop
◈ Clasp can attach anywhere along the chain, making the length customizable, up to 22.5in (57.15cm)
◈ Resin mushroom charm measures 1in (2.54cm) x 1in (2.54cm)
◈ Chain, clasp and components made of raw brass — very lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable


Red Mushroom Lariat Necklace Details

Our red mushroom lariat necklace is the perfect cottagecore aesthetic jewelry. The bright red resin mushroom gives a pop of color to your fairycore outfit. Playfully versatile, the Mario inspired mushroom makes a great casual necklace.

Additional information



Care Instructions

Wipe gently with a soft cloth. Minimize air exposure when not in use by storing in an airtight bag. Never expose it to harsh chemicals (like sunscreen) or wear it in a pool.

About Brass Jewelry

Brass is meant to patina with age, but isn’t plated so it won’t chip. To restore brass with a deep clean, gently rub a mixture of baking soda& lemon juice on then rinse/dry.




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