With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, maybe you’re wondering what jewelry brings good luck. We feature 2 necklaces below.  These necklaces are perfect for someone graduating, moving, getting married or embarking on a new adventure.

Wish Bone Charm Necklace

This adorable brass wishbone charm necklace is strung on a 14kt gold filled chain.  It measures 16 inches (41cm) long and closes in the clasp with a lobster claw style clasp.  A perfect good luck pendant.  The only thing better would be finding a 4 leaf clover. The necklace is small and perfect for everyday wear.  The chain is dainty but strong, and pairs perfectly with casual outfits or over a tee.

Figa Amulet Good Luck Necklace

The Figa Arm Amulet Necklace has such an interesting background, and different meanings to different cultures.  What does the Figa mean? The talisman features an arm with a hand making a gesture of a thumb protruding between the pointer and middle fingers.  This gesture has such a wide variety of meanings, going back 8,000 years.  In Russia, Poland and Lithuania this gesture means you’re denying someone’s request or telling them you’re not going to give them something they’re asking for.  In Japan, Indonesia and the Netherlands, it refers to sexual intercourse.  In many cultures it’s considered vulgar and is the same gesture as raising your middle finger.  The Portuguese good luck charms meaning is a gesture of wishing someone good luck, and is equivalent to the “evil eye” in terms of protecting someone from evil.  In American sign language, it represents the letter “T.” And, in many countries, like the US, this is the symbol every child knows very well as “stealing their nose.”

However, this talisman’s most common reference is rooted in it’s Italian meaning, known as “mano in fico” or “fig-hand” which originally was a vulgar reference to female genitalia. The reference was meant as a way to ward off evil spirits and seen as a good luck symbol.

Black figa arm pendant strung on gold chain necklace laying on top of white wooden background

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