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DIY Gold Leaf Cat Bracelet

DIY Cat Charm Bracelet

This tutorial will show you how to make your very own gold leaf cat charm bracelet! You’ll learn wire wrapping techniques, some tips on gold leafing your cats, and how to put them all together on a chain to make a charm bracelet. Post may contain affiliate links.

Bracelet Materials

Wire Wrap Your Cats

Pick out your favorite cats, cut a piece of wire about 3″ long. Wrap it around the cat’s mid-section, leaving a longer end sticking straight up, and a shorter end around the longer wire a few times.

Form Your Charm Loop

Trim the shorter wire very close. Bend the longer wire at a 90 degree angle. Next, use your round pliers to make a loop. Just above the 90 degree bend, twist your wrist to form the loop, then with your other hand wrap the end of the wire around the base a few times. Then cut the longer wire close. Secure the ends so they aren’t sticking out.

Paint & Gold Leaf

Give your cats a good coat of gold paint. Let them dry.  Next, apply the gold leaf adhesive, let them dry for 60 minutes until dry. Apply gold leaf, then sealer. Let the kittens dry for about 15 minutes.

Finish Your DIY Bracelet

Attach your cats to a chain, and secure the end with a clasp.  You’re all done!

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