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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Girl

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your special gal for Valentine’s Day?  Each of these necklaces have been handpicked for every type of girl.  From the high fashion minimalist to the whimsical cat lover.

white heishi and brass necklace

Bold & Bohemian


This necklace is perfect for the girl who is fashionable, with a bohemian style, who isn’t afraid to wear a little color.  The turquoise necklace is rustic with natural stones and a set of vibrant turquoise heishi beads.  Show her you think she’s pretty unique by giving her a necklace that none of her friends will already have.

Classy High Fashion


If your lady is super classy, has minimal style and only wants the best jewelry in her ears, these earrings are the perfect gift.  One of the shop favorites, these earrings are also my personal favorite.  This chain is fantastic!  Like liquid gold, it has an elegant drape to it.  The earrings hang super long to give them distinctive style.

Long gold chain earrings with 14kt gold box chain on a white background
raw brass ball locket

Thoughtful & Personalized


Combine minimal rustic fashion with a sweet, personalized gift with this ball locket necklace.  The minimal necklace is a spherical round ball made of rustic raw brass, that opens up into a locket.  Put in a few photos and your girl will be super impressed with how much thought you put into her Valentine’s gift.

Minimal & Rustic Style


For a lady who is fashionable, favors a minimal style, and appreciates jewelry that she can mix and match this necklace is perfect.  The necklace hangs super long and features two raw brass rectangles.  Minimal and modern with geometric shapes.  What I love best about this one is the color.  The steel chain is muted and rustic, making it a perfect complement to the warm raw brass of the rectangle pendants.

rectangle necklace
gold heart necklace

Romantic & Traditional


For a little something that is romantic and something that your girlfriend will love wearing, the heart necklace is the perfect balance.  Made with a 14kt gold filled chain, the necklace features a vintage brass heart pendant giving your necklace distinctive charm.  The necklace is minimal and delicate.

Quirky Cat Lover


For the girl who loves her feline friends.  My personal favorite, I would be delighted to receive this necklace (if I didn’t make it myself).  The necklace features a brass cat face charm strung on a 14kt gold filled chain.

14kt gold filled cat necklce
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