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Pyrite Necklace Collection

Pyrite Jewelry Collection

Below are my favorite pyrite necklaces offered in the A Common Thread shop.  All of the necklaces feature a rough cut pyrite stone, but each one has it’s own point of view — from the complexity of the design to the range of materials used.  Mineral pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, has a metallic sheen and its name is derived from the Greek word meaning “of fire.”  The crystallized texture gives it a rocky hard fragmented shape, which complements it’s metallic shine nicely.

Each stone is unique and I handpick each pyrite piece for every necklace.  The pyrite is sourced in the US, and each necklace handmade in my home studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Because each stone varies a little, every necklace is similar but really one-of-a-kind.

Single Pyrite Stone on Gold Filled Chain

Pyrite necklace featuring a single pyrite stone, cut into a rough nugget pendant.  Rugged and raw, this pyrite piece has just the right amount of shine without being overdone.  Simple and straightforward with just one stone, it’s perfect for everyday wear.  The pyrite is strung on a 14kt gold filled chain and hangs super long.  The box chain almost slinks across your neck, and has the most incredible drape.

Pyrite Cluster Necklace on Gold Filled Chain

Eye catching necklace with a cluster of pyrite stones gathered in the middle of super long chain.  A less subtle version of the single chunk necklace, this necklace is still simple and modern with the striking cluster of stones.  Draped with 14kt gold filled box chain, the necklace has a wonderful feel to it.

Pyrite Necklace on a Steel Chain

The same rough cut pyrite stone is strung on a rustic steel chain.  The necklace is more muted in color than the others, and extra attention was given to the design details.  Two brass bars connect the chain to the pyrite stone, and brass jump rings are worked into the design of the chain.  The perfect everyday necklace.  Looks great worn alone or layered with other necklaces.