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[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]his free knit bow pattern shows you how to knit a cute bow and turn it into a necklace.  It’s super simple, and you’ll have a new necklace in about 20 minutes.  The pattern uses a stockinette stitch with a garter border.  Use the bow pattern to make anything — hair bows, brooches, shoe clips, barrettes!  Read on below for the pattern or check out the in the shop.  Also, if you want to get notified about other free jewelry tutorials and new jewelry announcements, you can sign up for the newsletter. Post may contain affiliate links.

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Knit Bow Finished Measurements

 Bow measures 4.5″ x 2.25″ (11.43cm x 5.72cm)

Necklace Materials

Knitting Gauge

  • 18sts and 24 rows = 4”

Note: Gauge, yarn and needle sizer are not critical here. Modify your yarn and needle size to change the size of your bow.

Main Bow Pattern

CO 9 sts
Border: k 2 rows
row 1: knit row
row 2: k2, purl til 2 sts left, k2
repeat row 1 and 2 until measures 3.5”, making sure to end on ROW 1.
Border: k 2 rows
BO loosely

Tie Pattern

CO 4 sts
k in garter stitch until piece measures about 2”, or can snugly wrap around the middle
BO loosely
Wrap the tie around the middle of the bow, stitch ends of the tie together to secure in place.

Making The Necklace

Use needle nose pliers to attach chain to either side of the bow with jumprings.  I use 2 pieces of chain, each 8 inches long, and use a lobster claw clasp in the back.