DIY: How to make a beaded necklace with vinyl African heishi beads

This DIY necklace tutorial shows you how to make a beaded necklace using vinyl african heishi beads. These beads are bright, colorful and look spectacular paired with brass beads. You can also use vintage sequins or stone heishi beads for other variations. I love using bright colors
mixed with warm brass beads, staggered for a unique and unpredictable pattern. You could also mix up colors too, if you’re feeling extra adventurous. Read on for the full free necklace tutorial, or sign up for the newsletter to hear about new DIY projects.


Tie a double knot around seed bead at the end of the thread.



Cut the thread to the desired length of the beaded segment of your necklace. Be sure to leave about 1.5 inches extra for tying your final knot.



Slide on 1 end cap, so that it’s facing the bead. This tutorial uses an end-cap enclosed around a knotted seed bead for extra strength and durability. A bead tip is a jewelry component that you use at the end of thread to secure the ends. It has a split domed opening, with a loop on the end, so that you can secure your end by tying a knot that gets enclosed inside the end cap.



Add on your vinyl beads/sequins and your brass beads in an alternating pattern.



When you’ve added all your beads, add another bead tip with the opening facing away from the beads.



Thread on another seed bead, and start to tie a loose knot around it.



To get the knot/seed bead as close to your end cap, here’s a neat trick — Stick a sewing pin through the loop of the knot before you tighten it.



Pull the needle down, as it carries the knotted seed bead with it. Pull your pin out and tie another knot around your seed bead.



On both ends, dab a drop of clear fingernail polish or glue on your knotted thread. This makes your necklace extra secure by sealing the knot. Let the polish dry.



When your polish/glue dries, trim the thread with scissors and use a pair of needle-nose pliers to close the end cap around the seed bead.



Now, attach each end of your chain to your end cap loops at the ends of your beaded segment, and use pliers to close the loops securely.



That’s it! You’re all done.