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Cube Necklace

Cube NecklaceA few new changes are going to be happening to A Common Thread over the next month or so. I’m so excited about my upcoming Fall 2013 line! Moving forward, new collections will be offered each season made from unique materials that will only be available in limited quantities. So, many of the A Common Thread staples will start disappearing from the shop as they sell out, only to be replaced by new, exciting necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

The new fall 2013 line will focus on minimal, subtle jewelry that still makes a statement through it’s simplicity, modernity and uniqueness. Much of the jewelry will be handcrafted in gold-filled and sterling silver materials, and a few pieces in high-quality steel, only because I just love the look of muted, rustic metal next to a warm vintage brass. And, as always, each of the pieces are individually handmade by me in my little Brooklyn studio. I can’t wait to show you!